Village of West Greenville Small Area Plan

The City of Greenville has engaged Wernick & Company for consulting services in connection with an action plan for the Village of West Greenville. Located within the heart of the City’s former textile crescent and on the western gateway to the city, the Village has experienced renewed investment in recent years as an emerging arts district, home to artists, galleries, and a number of creative small businesses.

Project Summary

The City has identified a need to reevaluate the City’s land development regulations for the study area, and identify strategies to facilitate further economic development, improved connectivity and mix of uses and development patterns consistent with the unique character of the Village and surrounding residential neighborhoods.  

The consultant’s scope of work involves preparation of an action plan for the Village that identifies short-term and long-term strategies and recommendations informed by existing conditions, code assessment, and key stakeholder input to build on prior and ongoing planning initiatives for the study area.

Study Area

Map showing study area in Village of West Greenville